All about me in a nutshell...

Hello again,


This is me Karen, and I've been giving Therapy Treatments which started for me back in the year 2000. (Oh my gosh that seems so long ago now...)


It all began for me when I started on a 6 week introduction course at a local school, where we had to take along with us, a duvet & a towel to the very cold classroom.  The duvet was placed covering the school table which we used as our couch, and we where then covered using our towel, shivering in this freezing classroom (Health & Safety was definately not around in my day!).  We all practised and learnt massaging on each other during the school term on this evening class, and that was when I realised I was hooked, and loved every minute of my new hobby.


So, through the years I began my adventure of studying and training on yearly courses, at Colleges in Coventry & Birmingham, gaining my accredited certificates, which then extended to me learning further a field across the UK wherever my interests took me.


I first started as "Girl Friday" at Body by Design, Warwick Place, Leamington, where I built up my little hobby, whilst still working for a local newspaper in Coventry.  I spent a number of years at Body by Design, and later moved onto Karma, and Spring Clinic, all situated in Royal Leamington Spa, to where I am now at Essence of Beauty, Warwick Place, Leamington Spa.


I also did volunteering work at Myton Hospice (Warwick & Coventry) for 4 years, massaging inpatients, nurses and staff.  I was also involved in doing many a pamper evening for staff and fund raising events, which I adored and loved, and Myton is still very close to my heart today XoX.


Like everybody, I love receiving treatments and I am always on the lookout for trying new therapies and going to learn about them.

In this line of work you are certainly learning all the time, and keeping your techniques up to date is most important.

I have been a member of the FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapies) since 2000, and I have accredited certifcates for all treatments that I offer and insurance.


So that's it really - "All about me in a nutshell..."  XXX.