Bamboo Massage

This new style, Bamboo Massage, is said to have originated in South East Asia.  The history of this technique is not very well known but it is thought to have originated with a resourceful Asian Spa Therapist who observed a monkey rubbing anothers back with a bamboo stick.

Bamboo, in Asia, symbolises suppleness, resilience, straightforwardness and simpllicity.  The massage itself satisfies two major needs - 

                                               relaxation and wellbeing.


Bamboo Massage is a new concept in deep tissue relaxation that helps stresses and tensions let go, boosts circulation, and improves lymphatic drainage, and is an ideal alternative to sports massage.


Using a selection of silky smooth bamboo canes, that can stretch those tight and sore muscles in the back, neck, shoulders and body, & using specialised massaging  techniques of kneading and rolling the muscles, will deliver a fabulous therapeutic massage for YOU!  

Pace and pressure can be adapted for you, to make it a personal experience for you to endure...


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(on request)


Warm Bamboo Massage incorporates heated bamboo sticks of varying lengths and diameter.  By using rolling and kneading movements it can provide gentle or deep tissue massage depending on your needs...

Bamboo naturally has an ability to retain heat and repel bacteria. Being strong and smooth, the bamboo sticks adjust perfectly to the body contours penetrating tense muscles and helping to melt away even the most deep seated tension.

The warmth of the bamboo allows to penetrate deeper and relaxes muscles quicker so more effective work can be done in a shorter amount of time.