Lomi Lomi Massage




This is a unique full body massage derived from the Ancient Polynesian Settlers & Master Healers of Hawaii, which envolved to become something uniquely Hawaiian.

One of the alternative names for Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is "Loving Hands" Massage, and the philosophy of Hawaiian Huna is one of the oldest and most powerful forms of healing and bodywork.


This extraordinary massage experience has no set format, as hands and forearms elegantly flow up, down, under and around the body with continous rhythmic free-flowing strokes as the gentle waves flow over the contours of the whole of your body.

It has the experience of different parts of the body being massaged at the same time, for example a shoulder can be massaged together with the opposite leg, together with  gentle stretches of the body, and rotations are also incorporated to assist the release of tensions, and assist the flow of energy in your body, thus leaving you in a 'Bliss' state which overwhelms the mind, as your so unaware where the next move will take place...  


 Lomi Lomi isn't for the shy... unlike many massage treatments, Lomi Lomi takes a minimalist approach with regards to towels both on the table and on your body.


The idea is to remove any barriers to the full body strokes of the massage, areas of privacy will be covered, and salon undergarments will be provided for you to wear alongside a sarong and a towel, this may take some of you more time to get comfortable with that level intimacy.

To ensure comfort when lying down on the couch, a heated blanket will ensure a cosy & warmth atmosphere, as this luxurious TLC massage will balance, nurture, and relax mind and body into a really wonderful experience.