Stone Therapy

Hot Stone Body Massage


Hot Stone Massage is a unique treatment of heated stones applied with oil for a fabulous new body experience.


Feel yourself melt as the heat of the volcanic basalt stones glide over your skin, and the warmth radiates through your body.  

Relaxation is instant as the warmth cocoons you, and the stones will leave you feeling comforted, soothed and grounded.

Deep Stone Body Massage


A deeply powerful massage incorporating the use of hot & cold stones to bring about the relief to sore stiff muscles releasing tension. Physically, the heated stones relax the tense muscles, and refreshing invigorating cold marble stones relieve inflammation and aid recovery.

Ideal for anyone involved in sports, fitness or physical activities. 


Stone Facial Massage


Melt away with a luxurious, detoxifying facial suitable for all skin types. 


The heat of the stones will soothe away and release tension in the face and scalp

creating total relaxation, whilst the cold marble stones will tone, refesh and unblock congestion.


Leaving your skin lifted, radiant and rejuvenated, and you recharged and re-enegised whilst tension melts away.