'M' Technique Massage

This is a very light touch massage, which is gentle, soothing and almost hypnotic to feel...


Deep Relaxation is the key word to this treatment!


This massage is suitable for people who find convential massage too uncomfortable.  It can be a full body, or can be performed clothed, if only a hand or foot massage is all that is needed. ​ 'M' technique can help with pain relief, relaxation, stress, arthritis and insomnia. It's highly recommended for people suffering from a serious illness, or frail or the eldery.

I have Clients who adore and love this treatment and when I volunteered at the Hospice, the patients, staff and families so loved this relaxing massage.  


Each movement and sequence is done a set number of times, in a set pattern, at a set pressure, and a set speed that never changes.  Each stroke is repeated x3 - as this builds the confidence, and removes anxiety from the person who is receiving. The reason behind this, as with the first stroke the person will pay attention to what is being done, the second time the person recognises the movement, and on the third stroke this person knows what is going to happen, and begins to relax.

* * *


'M' Technique was created by Dr. Jane Buckle when she worked as a critical care nurse at the National Heart Hospital in London. It is used widely in hospitals throughout the USA, and in 15 hospices in this country, to help with pain relief and to the calm the terminally ill. 


A truely beautiful treatment...