Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage is a wonderful nurturing treatment for all "Mums-to-Be..."

and I can tailor make the session to your unique needs...


This massage is adapted to each stage of pregnancy.

Specialised positioning is used to ensure the ultimate in safety, comfort, and relaxation, as an enormous amount of stress and strain is placed upon your body during this period of your life.


A variety of massage techniques and styles can be applied as appropriate, to allievate symptoms and conditions related to your pregnancy, from swelling in the hands and feet, relieve tension in the back, to painful joints and leg muscles, whilst easing the mind into relaxation.

Indulge yourself, and enjoy a soothing relaxation massage, or a rejuvenating remedial massage where needed.


* * *


Pregnancy Hydrotherm Massage


Hydrotherm massage during pregnancy is the most relaxing treatment for mums to be...


Lying on luxurious warm cushions of water, and having the whole treatment without turning over, will leave your whole body supported and weightless.


Mums to be, after 16 weeks and up to 9 months plus, can benefit from the warm water cushion support, relieving pressure from all your joints, as you relax in comfort and melt away with the massage.