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Balinese Massage...

This powerful and unique massage originates from the Islands of Indonesia, and has been handed down and practised through the generations which has now been adapted to meet the western world. 


Balinese Massage is a hands on treatment using a combination of massage, stretching, and pressure points located along the meridian lines.

Half of the Balinese Massage is done dry and then oil is applied to work deep into the muscle tissue.


This is the perfect choice if you wish to have a medium-firm massage which practices rhythmic vigorous strokes using thumbs, and deep flowing massage techniques to release tension which increases the circulation of blood, and enhance's flexibility built up around stiff or aching joints, and loosen's tight muscles.


This powerful massage will leave you uplifted and recharged from head to toe, and is an effective way to release stress, relaxes the mind, that you will feel the difference!

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