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Hydrotherm Massage...

Hydrotherm is a relaxing massage that you lie on your back on two warm water-filled cushions with your legs slightly raised giving your whole body perfect spinal alignment.

With a pleasurable temperature the warm water cushions are kept between 35-40 degrees, the heat from the water enables tight muscles and tension to 'let go' from the body and that's even before the massage begins.


Whilst lying face up on these warm water filled cushions that support and comfort and envelope your whole body, you will receive a soothing full body massage without you even having to turn over!


With effective massage techniques working from above the body, reaching underneath, and moving around, will leave you feeling weightless and relaxed as the gentle heat increases circulation and removal of toxins, and improves the efficacy of the massage oils since the warmth generated by the Hydrotherm activates the oils and accelerate their absorption into the skin making it a great treatment for wanting the absolute luxury of a soothing massage.

It's the ultimate therapy to try...


Ideal treatment for anyone who doesn't like lying face down or maybe can't, like pregnant women, elderly, or people with impaired mobility or people recovering from cancer.



MUMS TO BE... JUST WHAT YOU NEED a perfect body massage that is suitable for all stages of pregnancy.  


Hydrotherm massage during pregnancy is the most relaxing treatment for mum's to be... With the temperature of water cushion being kept between 30-32 degrees which is maintained throughout the entire treatment.


As you lie on these 2 warm water filled cushions that will support and nurture, relieving the pressure from all your joints, your body will sink as you experience to relax and melt into the warmth as the massage strokes ease and soothes the common aches and pains of pregnancy -  and the best bit, you're not disturbed to turn over on your side as you and your baby drift off into calmness.

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