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Feel yourself melt as the heat of the volcanic basalt stones glide over your skin and the warmth radiates through your body.

Relaxation is instant as the warmth cocoons you and the stones leave you feeling comforted, soothed and grounded.


La Stone Therapy was the first original hot stone massage it combines massage with the use of smoothe hot basalt lava stones, and these hot stones are perfect for allowing your body find its natural balance.


La Stone is nurturing, healing and invigoration to the Body, Mind and Spirit. This is a unique massage where you lay on some warm stones whilst allowing the the heat of the oil to soak into the skin that relieves and soothes tensions.  This massage can be up to 8 times more powerful than a regular massage.

It will detoxify, balance, be deep tissue (if required), therapeutic and relaxing.



Combines massage with the use of smooth hot basalt lava stones and chilled marble stones. The hot and cold stones encourage blood flow through the muscle tissues which flushes toxins and triggers the body's self healing mechanisms.


La Stone Therapy can be nurturing in style, or deep tissue where appropriate. This is a unique massage where you wil feel the pleasure of both the hot and cold stones together with the warm hands of the therapist.  

This deeply powerful massage brings about the relief to sore stiff muscles releasing tension. Physically, the heated stones relax tense muscles and refreshing invigorating cold marble stones relieve inflammation and aid recovery.


Ideal for anyone involved in sports, fitness or physical activities. 

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