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Hivamat Deep Oscillation Therapy...

Hivamat Therapy is a deep oscillation lymphatic massage which speeds recovery after a surgical procedure or injury.

It is a unique and highly effective treatment which quickly reduces pain and swelling, minimizes inflammation, ecourages rapid tissue healing and increases range of movement.  

If you've been suffering from a niggling pain or an injury for some time which is now preventing you from enjoying your life... Give it a try, I have not experienced a bad result from the Hivamat machine from clients.


Deep Oscillation Massage Therapy originated in Germany in 1988.

How it works - you will be given a titanium neutral element to hold, to which I then connect an electrode to my skin, and put on a pair of special gloves, which I glide with my hands over your skin. The Hivamat is very safe and gentle as an extremely low frequency electrostatic impulses created between the therapist's hands and client's tissue that "kneads" the body's tissue between 5-200 times a second.

These electrostatic impulses penetrate the connective tissues to a depth of 8cm, stimulating skin and along with the muscle tone, removing waste products and reducing Lymphoedema. 

Clients experience a light vibrating sensation with speedy results. It's extremely relaxing and enables me as your therapist to provide an effective deeper but light massage without causing any pain or discomfort!


The benefits it provides are better and more extensive than a regular therapeutic or deep tissue massage.

The Hivamat unit can be used to enhance many treatments as it works on the very deep tissues in the body.

This therapy treatment can release you from pain and a variety of physical problems including lymphoedema and fibromyalgia. It can successfully reduce swelling, post-surgery, scarring and adhesions, it speeds up injury recovery, lessens muscle and joint pain, and it can even reduce the appearance of cellulite; it's also used as an anti-aging treatment for face, neck and decollete, and is also perfectly safe to use over implanted pins and plates in the body.


This Therapy is often found in Lymphoedema Clinic's and Physiotherapist.


The results are amazing!

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